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Our service displays information like your IP address, associated hostname, city and even your location on the world map. All the data displayed is public but we have chosen not to keep it in the database. They are systematically destroyed at the end of your session and our logs are deleted every two days. Take advantage of an ergonomic interface, without intrusive ads and a service that respects your privacy to find your information.


About my IP address

Each device connected to the Internet is assigned an IP address by the IANA, an organization responsible for their assignment. It is with this unique and public address that it is possible to identify your device, to know its host name or to locate it. There are two protocols, IPV4 which is the most common and encoded on 32 bits, then IPV6 encoded on 132 bits and recently arrived following the emergence of connected objects and a lack of available IPV4.


My IP location on the world map

We are able to locate you with your IP address on the world map. The accuracy for determining your country, region or city is close to 95%. We locate you within an approximate perimeter of 40 square kilometers around your home. Data such as latitude or longitude are provided to us by databases for free download on the internet. This information is regularly updated to provide you with accurate data.