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What is an internet speed test ?

There are different technologies to benefit from the Internet: ADSL, now ADSL 2+, optical fiber, 4G or 4G +. All of these network standards give you a different throughput that is influenced by your location (rural area, urban area). Our internet speed test tool allows you to measure your real speed, enough to estimate the time needed to download a movie or to host a video on the internet, for example.


How does it work?

We will simulate a download to determine your download speed and simulate hosting a file to calculate your upload speed. Everything is a simulation, no files will be downloaded or imported from your computer. The ping corresponds to the round trip duration of a request sent to another machine, that is to say the response time between your PC and a server. Discover without further delay your test internet speed.


Why do a speedtest?

You have opted for a new internet offer and you want to know your new speed. Something has changed on your line due to recent work. You want to know the time taken to download a file. You want to know if you have the necessary connection to broadcast a streaming video or to play a multiplayer game. Test your 3G / 4G connection from your smartphone, wifi speed test etc ...